References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot

Written by José Rivera, Directed by Emmi Hilger

August 28–September 7 at the Den Theatre

Poetic and seductive, References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot presents a world in which Gabriela’s best friend is the distant moon, her cat dares to sleep with a dangerous coyote, and the man she loves may have grown distant forever. Gabriela’s memories, hopes, and fears shape her struggle to find meaningful connection— will love always be a risk?

Committed and passionate interpreters take both the soft and edgy parts of the narrative to task...The sublimely-named Something Incredibly Marvelous Happens tackles the oftentimes airy script with energy and verve... The strong cast is up to maintaining the landscape, and breathes a vitality into the souls of the real and imagined...”
— Patrick McDonald, Hollywood Chicago
In José Rivera’s script, metaphors of Gabriela’s turmoil are played out in scenes in which Gabriela’s cat (Arti Ishak) is courted by Coyote (an agile and lascivious Luke Couzens). Calling Cat from her safe domestic life, Coyote seduces her with his dangerous and wild nature. Will he love her? Consume her? Both? Overseeing it all is Moon, lover of love and romance, whose lunar glow creates magic and desire in all it touches. As the guitar-playing, serenading Moon, Glenn Stanton is a stand-out: sexy, seductive, with a voice like velvet and a mesmerizing presence; he is a god of love and a delight to behold.
— Joy Campell, Chicago Theater Beat

Production Team

Director/Producer ....... Emmi Hilger

Production Stage Manager .... Garth Moritz

Assistant Director ........ Charlotte Drover

Casting Assistant .......... Cruz Gonzalez Cadel

Scenic Designer ............ Dustin Pettegrew

Technical Director .......  Jake Puralewski

Lighting Designer ........  John Kelly

Costume Designer ........ Delia Ridenour

Sound Designer ............. Mikey Moran

Props Designer ............. Janelle Boudreau

Violence Designer......... Mark Penzien

Violence Assistant......... Danielle Stahl


Gabriela......... Allyce Torres

Benito............ Christian Castro

Moon.............. Glenn Stanton

Cat.................  Arti Ishak

Coyote...........  Luke Couzens

Martín...........  Issac Arias

Paul Dederick understudied the Moon.

Night of New Works

Night of New Works 2014: hosted by the festival, featuring short plays and selections from longer works:

  • El Coquí Espectacular and the Bottle of Doom by Matt Barbot
  • The Wild Ones by Molly Hagan
  • By the Time We Get There, adapted by Laura Nash from a short story by Ray Vukcevich
  • The Ladder by Damon Chua
  • The Only Thing Wrong is the Sun by David Tortuga

Reading Series

Chicago Dramatists: Daughters of the Moon by Reginald Edmund

Pegasus Players: Hot Sauce Jesus by Joshua Rollins

The Fine Print Theatre Company: The Velvet Tabernacle by Michael Harris

Strawdog Theatre Company: The Marvelous Direct-Off!

Cold Basement Dramatics: The Ballad of Don Q by Jason Lindner

20% Theatre Company: The Creator by J.S. Puller

Poster Image Credit: Mostly Sunny by Paul Bond

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