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Something Marvelous celebrates imagination through the genre of magical realism; we are proud to be entering our sixth season and to be championing the creation of new work for American theatre.  

Our donors have made possible five productions and the presentation of over forty-five new plays to the Chicago community.  Looking forward, donations will support our 2018 season!  It will be filled with fresh surprises, additional collaborators, and many new plays; check back for detailed announcements soon.

To make a donation to Something Marvelous, please click the link below or mail your contribution to:

Something Marvelous, Inc.  *  4956 N Hoyne #1  *  Chicago, IL 60625

Special Thanks to our 2017 Donors

Thank you so much for supporting the festival—we couldn't do it without you!

A very special thank you to Jean Klingenstein and Randy Steinmeyer.

Amanda Abernathy, Mary Bender, Astrid Bennett, Christine Boesen, Catherine Brenner, Eliza Brown, Amelia Brunskill, Rachel Bykowski, Aurelia Cohen, Kelly Costello, Amy Crider, Laurie Douglass, Abby and David Edler, Susan Fay, Tim Glinski, Lee Green, John Green, Broughton Hansen, Samara Harris Anderson, John Henson, Kimmy Hilger, Emmi Hilger, Michael Hillis, Angela Horn, Linda Jack, Nicole Keating, Sheila Kelch, Cheryl Krugel-Lee, David Lissner, Susan Litoff, Brent Long, Doug MacKechnie, Michael Mayhan, Michael McDermott, Jonathan Meier, Grace Meier, Susan Melsky, Ben Melsky, Jennifer More, Katarzyna Muller, James Munson, Laura Nash, Mia Park, Anne Phillips, Laura Pinsof, Jeffrey Price, Zev Rowlett, Nancy Schaeffer, Mary Siegel, Alyssa Simari, Ted Steinmeyer, Denzel Thompson, Michelle Underwood, and Li-ning Yeh.

Based in Chicago, IL, Something Marvelous is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Contributions for the charitable purposes of Something Marvelous are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Special thanks goes to Paul Bond–his painting On the Transmigration of Souls is our website and poster background. We have used his paintings The Releasing of Sorrows, The Girl Who Circumnavigated the World in a Dream of her Own Making and Mostly Sunny as inspirations for past festivals. Learn more about Paul's art at his website

The umbrella in our logo is adapted from an asset courtesy of the Vectorian Free Vector Pack, under a Creative Commons License.

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